Yahoo…Completed Blended Learning Mastery Series!

Just a quick note to say that I just completed the three part Sloan Blended Learning Mastery series! This Mastery series began February
7th and ended April 14th The series was comprised of three one week sessions followed by a two week reflection period between sessions.

The first Blended Learning session focused on Research and Design, the second session focused on Assessment Techniques, and the third session focused on Teaching Techniques. In the first session (Stage 1) focus centered on developing Desired Results/Unit-Level SLOs; the second session (Stage 2) focused on developing Evidence of Learning/Assessments both formative and summative; and the third session (Stage 3 in three parts) focused on Learning Plan/Activities (O/F2F), Resources and Tools Needed, and Integration between (O/F2F) component.

The experience was a bit labour intensive; however, I see the value and power in Grant Wiggins Understanding by Design ‘backwards design’ framework. I am on my way in the development of my first Blended Course…I am excited. I might admit that I am a bit overwhelmed too, but I know that all ‘good’ growth (or shall I say) ‘measurable’ growth comes from stepping outside one’s comfort zone. So… steps, here I come!

I am also excited to share the knowledge with other Tech Fellows and peers at KRC/UAA. I will upload some documents soon.

I was going to upload my snazzy Blended Mastery certificate; but, alas, I can not seem to upload to this blog! Ah, sometimes, the technology gets in the way or perhaps it is my fingers that get in the way. Happy Tech Fellows to all!

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