Vote for Serious Fun! (and then present / attend!)

Hi Tech Fellows!
As many of you know, there is a cross-MAU team working on putting together a one-day conference to promote the use of games and gamification for teaching and learning. It’s called Serious Fun and proposals are due February 14 and that actual conference will be held on April 11, 2014. You still have time to submit a proposal, plus registration is now open, so I would love to see you all there! There will be something for the full spectrum of gamers, from the totally geeked out to the absolute beginner who just wants some fast and easy ideas to make their course more interactive and student-centered.

Additionally, we were asked by Educause ELI to submit a short video to them on the event as part of a competition they are having. We managed to pull something together in a very short time frame and it is now live on the Educause site, where you can cast your vote! Voting is only open until Tuesday, Feb 4th, so we would love for your to support your home team (ours is video #14)!

Feel free to contact me or anyone on the Serious Fun committee if you have any questions about this event


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