Understanding By Design, Redesigning

After leaving our Tech meeting this summer I was excited to begin working on applying the Understanding by Design concept in teaching to one of the workshops offered through the Alaska Small Business Development Center.  I was engaged, I was excited, I thought on and on about how I could apply this to our Writing a Business Plan workshop.  But then it happened….. As I began dismantling the workshop, breaking it down into how someone would show evidence of understanding and what were the big goals, I saw how following Understanding by Design was redesigning how I was approaching workshop offerings.

And it didn’t stop there.

I broadened my approach.  I looked at a core series of workshops that I feel entrepreneurs in our State could benefit from if this same approach of UBD carried through in the series.  The big goals became greater, the evidence of understanding grew but the overall direction became so much more clear and easier to map out thanks to our UBD trees.

I could not be more grateful for the experience and hope all of you are now engaged in exciting new ways thanks to UBD, and how it truly redesigns our approach to education.

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