Two years are up!!

Just few quick comments on my experience with Tech Fellows. I was brought on board by Sarah Frick and the started to take up all of Lara Madden’s time on a regular basis with all the questions that started to swirl around in my head as I embarked on the journey of developing online courses. It has certainly been a work in progress and a trail fraught with all kinds of pitfalls and then feelings of satisfaction when things turned out correct. I went on to complete the OLC and QM trainings which have given me even more insight as to what goes into making a successful online course. I have found that what I have implemented in my online courses has also benefited my F-2-F classes. I also had the great pleasure of mentoring Tom McRoberts. I think I gained so much from my meetings with Tom as we really had a lot of similar interests. I hope I was able to pass on some little nugget that he could apply to his class. So I am now working with Lara to develop a template that will be user friendly for the people in my department that are new to teaching online. I am continually trying to improve my online courses so my students have a good learning experience where the technology involved is not a roadblock to their learning experience. So thanks to all the people that I went through the Tech Fellows program with as I gained insights as to how to make my classes better by what you were sharing about your classes.

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