This Skeleton has ALOT of Bones

Hello all,

I did a ton of work over the summer on what I am calling my Blended Learning Community (BLC), but I haven’t done any blogging about it.  Time to practice what I will preach and connect with this learning community!

I met with my mentor, Phil Jordan, recently.  He has so many interesting things going in his online environment and so many ideas -it was inspiring and overwhelming!  I am sure all of you can relate to that feeling of knowing all the different possibilities of where you can go with online curriculum and weighing it against your time and priorities.

For me, I have a very specific place I need to start with my LMS.  I need to build the skeleton of the LMS before I start to add a lot of bells and whistles.  And because I am adapting a whole list of on-the-job learning activities to this online environment, this skeleton has a lot of bones.

So I will work with Phil and Lara to develop a plan to build this skeleton in parts.  The  good news is that I have just completed a big section and my next meeting with Lara (tomorrow) and then Phil will help me tweak and change this to implement a first (beta?) version for my next cohort of learners (I am not on the semester system, but do trainings every other month for cohorts of new workers with the State of Alaska).

Feeling on it today!






Tech Fellows who earn this badge initiate and meet with their mentor at least 3x per semester in year one, and post a reflection or update on progress in the Tech Fellows blog in the category “Evidence” with the tag “conspirator”.

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