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Effective Feedback–OLC Workshop

Today is catch-up day: posting about all I’ve been learning since the beginning of July in my Online Learning Consortium course and workshops! I just finished the Effective Feedback workshop today. In case you think I’m crazy to be taking

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Hump Week for the Online Teaching Certification July Cohort

Wednesday marks the beginning of Week 5 for the 9-week Online Teaching Certification July Cohort. As part of the requirements for the year-long (maximum) certification process, I also need to take 3 electives, 1 one of which occurred last weekend.

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Technology Throw-Back

Remember it’s all “technology” and we are experts in it!!        

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We Rule!

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Welcome Tech Fellows!

We are so happy to have you! Use the “add post” Link on the right of the page to add a blog post here! Please post an introduction here with an image if you can! Tell us a little about

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