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Reactions to teaching online

So I’m feeling a bit stretched thin, what with teaching two online courses (an upper-division course in the history of the English language, and a lower-division no-prerequisites survey course in linguistics)—I’d originally signed up for one, but circumstances changed that

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Reflections on Day 3: Thank you Yoshimi

Listening to The Flaming Lips’s Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots has helped me to process this day and my Gemini struggle between resisting technology and giving into it.  I have been greatly challenged (in many ways) by the tools that

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Because knowing is half the battle (see Fig. 1)

I got a few different things from today, but one really big one. I’ll start, though, with one minor kvetch about the textbook: While most if not all of the ideas it contained were useful, why did it present the

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