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Alternative Assessment Strategies for Online Courses

I will have to say that through the Online Learning Consortium (SLOAN-C) Advanced Online Teaching Certificate course I have gotten some great resources. I came across this one today, Alternative Assessment Strategies for Online Courses. There are so many tools

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Classroom Tour, Self-Introduction and Chapter Introduction

So far this semester I have added 3 new elements to increase my presence in the course, and I have already gotten very positive feedback from my students about them. First, I did a classroom tour. Here is the 9-minute

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Course Accessibility Checklist

In my Advanced Online Certification course we meet live on Blackboard Collaborate three times. The other week when we met, one of the students shared a great resource about accessibility, which was one of our topics of that session. Here

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Questions, Questions, Questions!

I met with my Instructional Designer mentor Heather Nash a few days ago and we had a very productive hour zipping through my list of questions that inevitably develops as I work on my courses. My top question was about

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Effective Feedback–OLC Workshop

Today is catch-up day: posting about all I’ve been learning since the beginning of July in my Online Learning Consortium course and workshops! I just finished the Effective Feedback workshop today. In case you think I’m crazy to be taking

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Workload Management OLC Workshop

The first week-long workshop I took with the Online Learning Consortium was Workload Management. Frankly, I think this is a topic that is not addressed enough and I think it should be required for everyone who teaches online. This course

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Reflections on Advanced Online Certification Course

I enrolled in the Advanced Online Certification Course with the Online Learning Consortium and have been pleasantly surprised at how little work it is (compared to what I expected)–it has been maybe 3 hours a week, some weeks less and

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