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How can I make my Big Idea = an Epic Win?

Jane McGonigal‘s TED Talk, “Gaming Can Make a Better World,” has been in the back of my mind for a long time. Reading/thinking about my Big Idea, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming desire to create a learning environment that lends

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Reactions to teaching online

So I’m feeling a bit stretched thin, what with teaching two online courses (an upper-division course in the history of the English language, and a lower-division no-prerequisites survey course in linguistics)—I’d originally signed up for one, but circumstances changed that

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Because knowing is half the battle (see Fig. 1)

I got a few different things from today, but one really big one. I’ll start, though, with one minor kvetch about the textbook: While most if not all of the ideas it contained were useful, why did it present the

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Does this matter?

Writing this down, so I don’t forget it as we go through everything: My “big idea”* is completely noncontroversial among specialists, but it’s an incredibly controversial claim among many (maybe even most) nonspecialists. Will this affect my course design? Presumably

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What’s the big idea?

My big idea for ENGL A476 (History of English Language): Linguistic variation is natural.

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