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Hump Week for the Online Teaching Certification July Cohort

Wednesday marks the beginning of Week 5 for the 9-week Online Teaching Certification July Cohort. As part of the requirements for the year-long (maximum) certification process, I also need to take 3 electives, 1 one of which occurred last weekend.

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Our new truck!

So Douglass Bourne and I finished our truck reasonably easily (after following video directions). We had to pause it a couple times, and there was only once or maybe twice that we had to backtrack to clarify something, but it

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Prepping for the morrow

So I was looking at tomorrow’s schedule, and I saw that we’re starting with something called a “Lego Activity”. As a parent of Lego-loving children, I can say that this means precisely one thing: Everybody needs to wear hard-soled shoes.

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