Student Publications: Beyond the Blue Book

After examining these entries a few thoughts come to my mind concerning student publications and how they may advance critical thinking and reflection (and domain knowledge), hence closing the loop.  The wikipedia article is an excellent illustration of how a class can bring the 3 elements of information fluency together.  I can’t believe that I just wrote that since I am usually incredibly snarky about the use of wikipedia.  I can see the strength of using this assignment for a class that has enough domain knowledge to pull it together so it would be an excellent end of the semester project for an upper-level course.

I doubt that I would promote the use of prezzi’s for students–I have not seen enough evidence of information fluency adequately presented with them.  Some of the prezzi’s are fun but overall lack depth of domain knowledge and critical analysis.

The published stories of the students are a good method to close the information literacy loop–I could use this method to bring together the three elements of information literacy.  And maybe I will!

So, embedding media . . .that looms large like a big gnarly cloud.

Is this information fluency?

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