Seriously Fun

In hopes of gaining a badge I am blogging about my Serious fun experience.  How transparently badge seeking is that?  But seriously (fun), I attended the conference and presented and went to stuff and thought that I would see what other fellows thought about the event.  I thought that the conference as a whole was a great success and well run–so congratulations to all the hard-working people who put it together.  Lara had put together a great presentation for my session and I was not surprised that it was sparsely attended (but many thanks to those who did sit through it!).  I tend to think that as long as there are more people in the audience then presenting that it is a success.

I enjoyed Sarah’s badging session.  I have not embraced the whole badge thing (as a lapsed anarchist I tend to not like badges) but I am now considering toying with the use of badges in my next online courses.  I will need help (as always) in figuring it out, but maybe students would enjoy badges as a way to “tick off” items.  The lunch was delicious, and following Douglass’s sage words about staying silent instead of ranting, I will stop there.  I will never take my left shoe off again at a conference, badge or no badge.

I look forward to next year’s conference.  Maybe I can figure how to play the game by then.  Liz

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