Reflections of Day 1

For me today’s uncertainties were met with glorious hope! I secretly relish being forced out of my comfort zone and that definitely occurred for me today.  The Big Idea is so powerful! I am so happy to have it framed in such a way that there is a method in developing those ideas.  I greatly value the diverse backgrounds of our cohort.  The conversation was so effortless and I love the ability to receive feedback from someone that is from outside of our discipline, sort of like a neutral party. Fresh eyes are so enlightening.

After driving home and piddling in my garden (still in my window sills all over the house!) I found that I could not stop thinking about the courses that I will begin teaching next week.  How will I begin to incorporate the pedagogical ideas presented to me today/this week? I feel sure there will be an effect.

I have always thought I was a big picture kind of math professor, I now believe that I must be good at making collages. 😉

See y’all tomorrow!

math collage

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