Reflection Day One (and counting up)

Wow!  What a day this turned out to be.  Thank you!  Generally, I enter a technology workshop with some (actually much trepidation); however, this first day of the workshop has finally dispelled that notion. When I am bombarded with new types of technology, I am excited but too easily overwhelmed.  I like to absorb the process, think through ideas, and apply the knowledge.   I really need to actually change the tire; not have you show me how to change the tire.  I enjoyed and learned from the layout and the presentation of the opening orientation and the pedagogy that followed.  It is vital to understand ‘why’ one is doing something before she or he can actually proceed with the something.  Beginning ‘backward’ and designing a course in reverse makes sense.  What is the desired outcome and how does one achieve that outcome should be the design model question that drives course development and design.  Thank you, I have much to think about as a result of today’s workshop, and I am counting up …until tomorrow.  Geez, I even was brave enough to add media; however, the media I have exceeded 1mb so not media.  Au revoir!

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