Questions, Questions, Questions!

I met with my Instructional Designer mentor Heather Nash a few days ago and we had a very productive hour zipping through my list of questions that inevitably develops as I work on my courses.

My top question was about VoiceThread, and she gave me some good thoughts and ideas about it, including snipping videos and importing them into my VoiceThread, which isn’t something I had thought about doing. I am still contemplating whether it will be worth the work and learning curve, but first I need to get Camtasia so I have a snipping tool!

I also needed to figure out how to embed Voki’s in Blackboard, because even though they give an embed code, it wouldn’t actually appear so I had to give students a link and they would have to go outside Blackboard to view it, which isn’t quite as nice as embedding. Heather is working on that one for me; glad she knows HTML!

Other ponderings I had were about using live checkboxes in Blackboard (possible but next to useless as the boxes don’t stay checked), how to use the file management system to replace all files of a particular type in Blackboard at once (needs to be set up that way ahead of time so all places in the course are pointing to that one file), discovered that each semester files keep getting added to the course and copy, even if they are no longer being used, was disappointed to find out UAA does not have a YouTube edu account, and was delighted to know that I too (as an instructor) have a UA gmail account.

Of course, I have more new questions to add ask Heather already…those instructional designers are valuable resources for online instructors!

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