Our new truck!

So Douglass Bourne and I finished our truck reasonably easily (after following video directions). We had to pause it a couple times, and there was only once or maybe twice that we had to backtrack to clarify something, but it was pretty straightforward for us—though it certainly helped that the person who did the video was competent and gave clear instructions (such as starting us out by specifying a 2×8 piece, when at first glance it might as well have been the 2×6 one).

An angle view of a mostly-yellow Lego truck

Angle view

An upward view of a mostly-yellow Lego truck

Looking like it’s on one of those rocks in front of a car dealership

A back view of a mostly-yellow Lego truck, with a couple of small pieces in the truckbed

And it comes with a handy bed for carrying around all those pesky extra pieces!

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