Media resources: Adding humor to my classes

I use media resources occasionally in my courses, mainly to add a bit of lightness to the day. So, just to give a few examples from YouTube, in a unit on Old English I might use this video of the story of Beowulf sung to the tune of Nena’s 99 Luftballons, in Middle English I’ll show them Red Yak’s Canterbury Tales rap, for Early Modern English I’ll show this over-the-top stand-up routine on English of that time period by John Branyan (and discuss exactly how it’s over the top), and throughout the course I use individual videos from the Open University’s History of English in Ten Minutes series.

Also, I rarely use Powerpoint in my classes, but sometimes it’s useful—for example, I’ve used it to create what I think is a most excellent animation of the Great Vowel Shift, with explanations. I can’t really link to it here (it uses some odd fonts, for one thing), but I hope to turn it into a movie that I can upload to YouTube or some other such place under a Creative Commons license so that others can use it, too.

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