I’ve never been good at titles

So my name is David Bowie (yes, really—my parents swear they had no idea who he was when I was born), and I am one of the linguists in the English Department here at UAA. My research focus is quantitative sociolinguistics, and most of my recent work has dealt with language and aging, and language and religion.

In this seminar, I’ll be (hopefully!) developing the skills needed to move my course in the history of the English language online for the spring 2014 semester.

And we’re supposed to include a picture, so here’s my offering—a reworking of an old photo of me into manga style:

A manga-ized version of a photo of David Bowie (the linguist, not the singer)

p.s. Can I simply say how intensely delightful I find it that we are required to categorize our posts, but that one of the possible categorizations is uncategorized? I think I may just have to use that on all of my posts, no matter what category they might actually fit into.

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