How to use Twitter

Well I have never used Twitter before and am getting into it for the Tech Fellowship. I “googled” it and found the Twitter Help Center which is very useful in explaining terms, setting up settings, setting up profile, and how to use it. I like that it emphasized that Twitter is useful for gaining real time knowledge, so to follow media, news, educational resources, etc. that you are interested in. I never really understood the point in Twitter so this made me say “ok, this can be a good tool”. I learned that if I really like a tweet I can use @reply and a comment on my thoughts to “retweet” it. So I wrote up a long tweet on what I found discovered it wouldn’t let me tweet it! Another google search and a very useful website for me ( came up and I discovered my words were in red because there is a 140 character limit to tweets. Good to know. I’m learning alot already.

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