How to Download Pictures From Your Cell Phone to Your Computer

Modern cell phones and smartphones enable you to do much more than just place voice calls; they let you browse the Web, send email and texts — even take high-resolution pictures. In fact, many smartphones have integrated cameras that take much better pictures than digital cameras made only a few years ago. Therefore, you no longer need to carry a separate camera with you when you want to capture a special memory or moment in a photo. Once you take pictures with your phone, though, you should download them to your computer for editing, sharing and safekeeping.

Using Import Pictures and Videos Wizard

Step 1

Connect the USB data cable to the cell phone and an empty USB port on the computer. Wait a few seconds for Windows to recognize the phone and display the AutoPlay window.

Step 2

Click the “Import pictures and videos” option in the AutoPlay window, then the “Import Settings” link.

Step 3

Click “Browse” and select a folder on your computer in which to save the photos from the cell phone. Alternatively, leave the default “My Pictures” destination folder selected.

Step 4

Click the “Import” button and wait a few seconds for Windows to copy the photos from the phone to the My Pictures library or the folder you selected. After Windows copies all of the photos from the phone, a new Windows Photo Gallery window appears, displaying thumbnails of the imported images.

Step 5

Disconnect the USB cable from the cell phone and the computer. Use Windows Photo Gallery to view the pictures from the phone as you normally would.

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