In my review of summer events I have signed up for I remembered this one: http://www.mudrunguide.com/event/anchorage-alaska-mud-factor-2014/


June 8, 2014 @ Kincaid 

Triple Threat Obstacle: Three 24 foot wide, 15 foot tall structures to climb. PS they are at 70 degree angles…

Plus: Rope Climb, Slip n’ Slide, Mud Crawl, Staggered Hay Bales, Tire Run, Wire Crawl, Cargo Container, Tight Tunnels, Big Tunnels, Over/Under, Barrels, Sure-Wood Forrest, Cargo Net, Shallow Mud Pit…Seriously RIGHT?!?

As I read this list all could think of is DON!!! I might get a better time and not break a hip if this race was in Second Life!!!

Wish me luck! Come out and cheer me on in this fully NON-TECH event! (Or laugh at me as I am covered in mud and need help to my truck when its all over!)



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