Essential Questions (Ippolito)


PSY A111 (General Psychology): The body of knowledge in psychology emerges from the use of the scientific method.

Essential Questions: 

                How is scientific research conducted?

                How is psychological research conducted ethically?

                What is the connection between research findings and knowledge?

PSY A150 (Lifespan Development): Human psychological development continues from womb to tomb.

                Essential Questions:

                What is human development?

                Where does the knowledge about human development come from?

                What are the principles that govern human development?

PSY A365 (Child and Adolescent Development):  Awareness of the features of normal child development enriches our understanding of ourselves and others and our social interactions

                Essential Questions:

                What is the source of the evidence on which we base our knowledge of    human development?

                How does typical human development proceed?

                What is the usefulness/value of having an overarching picture of child and adolescent development?

PSY A442 (Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence):  The contrast between normal and abnormal child development illuminates the tragedy and loss of psychopathology of childhood and adolescence

                Essential Questions:

What is the source of evidence on which we base our knowledge of abnormal child and adolescent development?

                How do abnormal and normal child and abnormal development differ?

                What are the potential losses when abnormal child and adolescent development are not recognized and treated?

PSY A368 (Personality):  The persons we are and are becoming infuse, shape, and are shaped by our interactions with others and all aspects of our environments.

                What is the source of evidence about the development of personality?

                What are the influences on personality development and the various perspectives on personality development?

                What is the usefulness to us and others of knowledge of personality development?

PSY A392 (Positive Psychology):  Knowledge of “life above zero” is essential to psychology.  

                Essential Questions:

                What is the source of evidence for human strengths and values?

                What does the study of positive psychology add to the field of psychology?

                What does knowledge of positive psychology add to our lives and the lives of those around us?

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