Course Accessibility Checklist

In my Advanced Online Certification course we meet live on Blackboard Collaborate three times. The other week when we met, one of the students shared a great resource about accessibility, which was one of our topics of that session.

Here is the link:

What was really helpful about this document is that it included screenshots to show how to do some of the accessibility things that we should be doing. I’ve seen many of these things before, but some of it was new–partly because technology is changing. That was a good heads up for me that I should not assume that once I know something I know it forever! I was under the impression that .pdf’s were the way to go for posting documents, but apparently screenreaders have problems with them unless they are in the right format, so now it is Word documents that are best, and there are ways to check and see if the documents are in the right format.

This is one of those resources that I should put a reminder in my calendar to check twice a year, right before the semester starts, to refresh myself on because there are so many things to keep in mind while developing a course that some fall by the wayside.

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