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I am a Trainer with the Child Welfare Academy (CWA), with the School of Social Work at UAA.  I design and deliver curriculum primarily to people employed with the Office of Children’s Services (OCS).  I love to be creative, solve problems, and contemplate the big picture.



This training (course) will be delivered using a hybrid method. New workers for the Office of Children’s Services (OCS) will be trained in a classroom at the Child Welfare Academy, on the University of Alaska Anchorage Campus. The face to face training is ten days long, and occurs 6 times a year with a new cohort of workers. Within this training, I anticipate integrating technology with targeted modules to enhance student centered learning. After training, these workers will return to OCS field offices where they begin family assessment work. I anticipate using innovative distance delivery strategies that engage these workers not only in active learning but in creating a community of peers that continues to support each other in ongoing professional development.


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