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I spent 30 years in the public school system teaching English (9-12), photography, creative writing, journalism/yearbook, and drama. I also assumed acting-principal duties for the last fifteen years of my tenure as a teacher. I began teaching Introduction to Composition part time at Kenai River College in 2004 and have since added Technical Writing to my repertoire. I really enjoy teaching at Kenai River College. I have taken part in technology workshops hosted at KRC during the summers of 2009-2012. I have also taken a Quality Matters course and hope to complete work on a QM certificate.

When I was hired to teach face-to-face classes at KRC, I misunderstood and thought instructors had to upload their entire course to Blackboard not just upload a syllabus! Needless to say, that first semester was pretty hectic. I did upload all my lessons, readings, assignments, assessments and so forth; and looking back at that first semester course online, it was a long one page list! Over the years, I have had some wonderful help from the KRC IT and Instructional Staff. I feel both silly and proud that I jumped in with such gusto; silly that I worked so hard and the course was very busy that semester, and proud that I have continued to improve and develop my f-2-f course over the years. I still have so much to learn as the little steps sometimes still ‘get’ me.

To the real gossip: I love chocolate, lobster, N.E. fried clams, (and crab too), purple and blue potatoes, fine wine, and, of course, ice cream! Did I mention that I LOVE chocolate? (Per food requirement theme)


I have always loved stepping outside my comfort zone (even though as I get older, those steps I take outside that comfort threshold are sometimes smaller). My goals as a Tech Fellow, as an adjunct, and as a life-long learner are to improve upon my design, technology, and instructor/mentor skills so that I can truly make a difference in one student’s life or in many if I am fortunate enough. I have gained many design and technical skills (and patience too) so I am ready to organize the lessons learned into new learning modules so I can share the knowledge.

More food thematic approach to share:Tart wafer, tart, candy canes soufflé pastry, and chupa chups chupa chups, chupa chupa… (love this one) chocolate.


While I have used some resources and some sophisticated programs like Camtasia, screencast, discussion board (yes, I thought that was pretty snazz), Wiki, Prezi, and others in the development of my F2F courses, sometimes tech ‘kerfufells’ overwhelm me; however, I have begun to let some of those frustrations go due to the wonderful tutelage of KRC Instructional Staff, the UAA Tech Fellows staff, my Tech Fellows 2013, Sloan workshops, and my wonderful Tech Guru, Jeanette. AND… the real Serious Fun day of gamification I experienced really opened my eyes, mind, and heart to more potential wonderfulness! WOW!


I have experienced many successes in life, and some of those successes were a result of the failures I experienced. To me, failing and learning go hand-in-hand. Throughout this first year of the Tech Fellows community, I have taken the following courses: Essentials: New to Online course; the 9 Week Sloan Certificate program; and the 3 course Blended Mastery Series program: Research and Design, Assessment Techniques, and Teaching Techniques. The initial New to Online was an eye-opener because I wondered if I would ever master the ‘new to online’ and move out of the ‘Newbie’ status I have held for so long. Much to my surprise, I did survive the New to Online and the intense 9 Week Certificate course, and I learned how to incorporate many new techniques, strategies, and even which tools would enhance which presentations/lessons. Even though I thought the 9 Week course was a bit demanding, it set the stage for me to pursue the Blended Learning Masters series, and I am quite pleased with the direction this course presented. The three one week courses, coupled with the two weeks of reflection in between each course, provided the pedagogy and the structure needed to develop quality blended courses.

Did I mention caramels and chocolate…chocolate. Mum’s home cooking too.

Reflection (Yr 2)

Yr 2 Reflection pending the arrival and departure of year two. Thanks for time well-spent. And some time I wasted too!
Love the jujubes of the past,squirrels, bulls eyes, and Mum’s home cooking too!

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My Achievements

Listed above, Completion of New to Online, 9 Week Certificate (pending), Mastery in Blended Learning (awarded), Quality Matters training, Badges to be awarded as soon as I update my posts.  Tea and crumpets with Grandma! I guess I could mention an Honesty Award too just to keep you guessing.

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