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I am determined to get rid of the gibbly gunk that is posted until we post something…

I am working on developing my Interpersonal Communications online class that I have been teaching for years now. It made the national Quality Matters certification on the first try without revisions recently, so it is the process of tweaking to make it ever better.

Personally, I am from Homer and have lived here for 7 years; before that I was in Michigan. I have been teaching college classes for nearly 15 years now. Teaching is my first love, with human communication my passion and fascination (which if I had to put that into a “big idea” I would say, “Living life well!”). My husband and two teenagers enjoy being active, and we are always plotting our next camping/biking/backpacking/running/whatever trip it seems (during the summer; the school year we are tied down to jobs and sports).


My goals for the Tech Fellows program include:

  • Learn new tech tools as I tend not to hang out online during my spare “for fun” time.
  • Connect with other designers and instructors. Teaching online from home I am quite isolated, so I am looking forward to the community the Tech Fellows provides.
  • Get lots of fresh input for continual improvement of my course, Interpersonal Communications, through the tech tools and people!
  • And this one is more personal: develop personal confidence. Sometime ask me for the story behind this one.


I’m assuming this will be an assignment one of these days…


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