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Hi, I’m Maria Ippolito of UAA’s Psychology Department.  I teach a variety of PSY courses and have and am scheduled to teach some of them online.  When I started teaching courses online, I had the ominous feeling that there  was far more to teaching online than minimally transforming courses I had taught face to face.  I am more convinced of that since I joined Tech Fellows in the Spring 2013.


My initial goal was to become familiar with and learn to use appropriate technologies.I learned about the technologies and that was the track I chose in pursuing the Sloan-C Certificate.

In addition:

  • I learned to be a better instructor in both online and face-to-face classes based on a better understanding of the principles of on-line teaching as well gaining familiarity with and practice using the available technologies
  • I regained a passion for teaching I did not realize had faded.  Employing the information I learned has been both very time-consuming and exhilarating for me and beneficial to the students in my courses.
  • I learned techniques for creating learning communities in my classes, for supporting students’ mastery of content and materials and I am currently exploring increasing student motivation, which is crucial in asynchronous online courses in which students have to set their own schedules to work on the courses.


The only constraint I see is time, or more correctly, lack of time.  The support services and Sloan-C coursework and mentoring have been excellent.  The available tools and information on pedagogy are incredible.  I am putting in as much time as I can in increasing my knowledge and skills and improving my courses and teaching but there is still so much more I can and will do.


I am getting positive feedback from students regarding the changes I have made in course materials but, again, I have more improvements in mind even in the courses I just completely overhauled.  I will institute these improvements as soon as I can.  I also hope to continue reading and improving my knowledge of effective teaching.

Reflection (Yr 2)

I have my final presentation for the Sloan-C Certificate near the beginning of Year 2 (June 2014).  I’m looking forward to mentoring and I am also willing to help anyone in any way I can.  Since I specialized in the technology track, most of my new skills center around Web 2.0 tools such as Weebly, Wix, Brainshark, WavePad, etc.

One of the most valuable parts of this experience has been the collaborations and numerous opportunities to learn from others: the instructional design folks, fellow Tech Fellows and UAA faculty, my peers in the Sloan-C Workshops, and my students who have given me feedback on the course materials I have created.

I am looking forward with anticipation to further optimizing my course materials throughout my second  year as a Tech Fellow and beyond that year.

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