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 I am a Professor of History and have been at UAA since 1992.  Before I became a Tech Fellow, I had never taught an online course and was just transitioning from over head transparencies to Powerpoint slides.  Really! I taught my first online course in the Fall of 2013 (HIST A424:  Imperial Russian History) and my second online course in the Spring of 2014 (HIST A102:  Western Civilization II).  Without the tremendous help from Lara, I could not have created the online courses that I did. For the Fall 2014 semester I will be teaching two new online courses (HIST A101:  Western Civilization and HIST A377:  Historiography).  Old seawolves can learn new tricks.


I discovered that I like to create online courses and I like to teach the courses that I have created, so I want to continue this journey.  I am interested in getting more involved in issues concerning quality online courses and their assessment at UAA.  This fall I will be working with Kevin Keating on an Informational Literacy project with my HIST A377 online course.  My students will be creating an electronic Finding Aid for World War I sources (since it is the 100th anniversary of its start) that will be posted on the Consortium Library website.  I think that this will be pretty cool.


My technological constraints limit me. Fortunately the good people at UAA Academic Innovation and eLearning (someday I’ll get this title down) are willing to help me with even the lamest issues (and some have been pretty lame).  I started from zero and have come a long way (see below)


In May 2013 I took a Sloan-C course for New to Online Learners.  I had no experience regarding online courses and was, quite frankly, very resistant to many of the ideas about online teaching. Fast forward:  I have figured out how to have a fairly dynamic online course–I upload a YouTube lecture every week, use VoiceThread every other week, and use wikis and blogs pretty effectively for discussions.  I now defend online teaching against the detractors and invite them to visit my class to see how it can be done.

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