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Hi blog readers. I teach composition classes in the English Department. I have been teaching in Alaska for a few years.

There seems to be a food theme associated with this bio page, so I will try to follow the theme. I enjoy home-cooked meals. My favorite dishes to prepare are spaghetti squash/spinach lasagna and anything involving salmon. I generally avoid sweets except during the winter, but for some reason during the cold time of year I eat a lot of ice cream.


My goals for Tech Fellows are pretty basic. Learn as much from the community as I can to become be the best online teacher that I can, and serve as an active member of the community to support those who want to learn more about online education.


At this time I don’t feel that there are many constraints to teaching successful online classes. I’m thankful for the substantial support the Academic Innovations & eLearning, English Department, and UAA has provided me.

Reflection of First Year

The phrase, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink” sums up my first year as a Tech Fellow. The Academic Innovations & eLearning staff offers many learning opportunities, so it is up to us to consume as much as we can. All of our own learning opportunities have been for the benefit of students enrolled in our online classes. I’m really happy with the confidence I have towards utilizing a LMS to meet the needs of my course. The challenge, perhaps the eternal challenge of an educator, is to reach the students who don’t seize the opportunity.

Reflection (Yr 2)

Coming in Fall 2014

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