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I completed my BA (English) and the majority of my MA (Literature) credits at UAA and UAF over a decade ago, which makes my journey back as a Tech Fellow feel circular (in a good way!). After a few international and cross-country moves, followed by the birth of my daughter, I earned my MA from WCU of Pennsylvania, where I focused on feminist visual and auditory theory in film.

I recently returned to Alaska, where I currently teach entirely online from my home in Girdwood for both Prince William Sound Community College and Park University in MO. All of my Composition courses for PWSCC are delivered through CMAD video conferencing, which gives them the definition of “live” delivery, but I still feel rather space-agey, as if I’m transmitting through a Holodeck.


My goals for the Fellowship are to make my Blackboard classes more meaningful and participatory by developing an online learning environment that focuses on student agency through authorship.



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