Bree Kessler


bree kessler is an assistant professor of health sciences, a freelance writer, and a self-proclaimed public intellectual.

she holds master’s degrees in social work, public health, and natural resource management. she is completing her phd in environmental psychology from the city university of new york – graduate center and mfa in literary nonfiction from the university of alaska-anchorage.  she teaches courses both domestically and internationally in geography, urban design, psychology, public health, and women’s studies.  her research interests are in creative placemaking, DIY urbanism, and art as social practice.

her writing on topics such as community gardening, reproductive health, bluegrass music, and reality tv has appeared in several regional and national publications. she is the author of the travel guidebook moon big island of hawaii, has contributed to several books on the topic of women’s health, as well as blogs on fashion and sustainability.

to read her writing(s) check out her website:

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even before i became interested in public health or the built environment (as topical areas), i was interested in pedagogy.  as a community organizer, prior to my life in academia, i thought a lot about education “for critical consciousness” and was deeply inspired by author-activists that tested out these practices and theories.  the books on pedagogy that have most inspired me are we make the road by walking a conversation between community organizer myles horton and (radical) educator paulo friere, teaching to transgress by feminist author/academic bell hooks and writings about the free skool movement.

for years ive been testing out the theories of “liberation pedagogy” in the classroom (with some success).  my goal with tech fellows is to “test out” if its possible (and if so how) to translate the ideals and practices of “education for critical consciousness” into an online (or hybrid) environment.

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