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A breath of fresh air (work/life balance)

A short story about me

I am the first person in my extended family to earn a college degree. I grew up in a blue collar environment where my father, his brothers, and my grandfather were all plumbers. Needless to say, I have some mad

AHA moment!

I probably could be doing better at posting AHA moments because this entire week has been one after another for me. One that stood out to me was today when another tech fellow (Veronica) told me about Drop Box. I’ve

Accessible Syllabus

Here is a screen shot of my accessible syllabus. It was pretty cool to hear it read out loud. It did originally come up with a title error, which I fixed. The other two which I marked as passed wanted

Development day! Met a previous tech fellow!

Past tech fellow Bogdan

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Development day selfie with former fellow

  Having a great day! Met Bogdam and took a selfie.

Accessible document

Chapter 13- Chemical Kinetics(1)

I made it outside….much warmer out here!!!

WooHoo!!!! I’m getting whiley in the ways!!!

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