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Using VT to Increase Engagement and Community

Voicethread (VT) is a great tool to build community in F2F, online, and blended courses. Here are a few tips for incorporating VT into your courses: Use VT, instead of the Discussion Board, to do course introductions. If you ask

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Digital media, copyright-free sources and more

Thanks for joining the copyright conversation yesterday.  I think these sessions help demystify the issue and I hope people will feel prepared to move forward with incorporating resources in an appropriate manner.  I welcome additional input and am available when/if

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Recording the screen of your iPhone or iPad

If you’re anything like me, some of the students in your online courses will be accessing their course material using an iPhone or iPad. It’s been notoriously difficult for me to provide how-to’s and support to these students because I couldn’t

Thoughts on the Creating an Interactive Syllabus Workshop

The Creating an Interactive Syllabus Workshop, offered by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), is an outstanding idea with awesome resources (see end of this post), lots of potential, but ineffective implementation. I wasn’t sure about taking this workshop due to

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Check out some awesomeness on MADDTech

Technology Throw-Back

Remember it’s all “technology” and we are experts in it!!        

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Student Publications: Beyond the Blue Book

After examining these entries a few thoughts come to my mind concerning student publications and how they may advance critical thinking and reflection (and domain knowledge), hence closing the loop.  The wikipedia article is an excellent illustration of how a

Geeking out at iTeach

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Twitter Thoughts….

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A Home Movie

Hi Everybody, Here’s the movie I promised. It has some problems–rushed through it pretty quickly. It took longer to upload to YouTube and annotate than it did to actually make the video. The quality is poor enough this is easy

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