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Work & Rec Balance

1st Day Selfie

How to find OER images using Google Images

Using Google images to find pictures is easy, finding images that are available to use without restrictions can be more challenging. One easy way is to use the Search Tools within Google images. One of the tools is Usage Rights:

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How to Post a Blog Entry

For those of you, like me, who are new to posting on the blog, select the plus (+) sign at the top of the Tech Fellows site to create a post.  When you hover over the plus sign, several options

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Day 1 Selfie

Here’s a quick check in post-lunch in our  first day intensive……:)

Selfie at Tech Fellows 1st Day

Selfie Lunch Break

2014 Tech Fellows in “Deep Teamwork Mode”

Here we are in “deep teamwork mode” i.e., mind-meld  😉      

Educational Badges: Gimmiky or Gimme?

The concept of awarding badges to recognize student achievement is gaining momentum.  Badges are being used in various ways from sweetening up college applications to beefing up resumes.   Conducting a Google search, I zeroed in on a few articles

Copyright vs Privacy

Just because you appear in a video may not mean you own the copyright to the video.  Learn more by clicking the link:

lego: full circle

this seems like days ago… I’m always hesitant to put my “original” images online and in public so I often use apps to play with images.  This was created with the paper camera app.  It offers different filters than instagram

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