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… but copyright is so hard!

As I’ve mentioned before, I teach in the relatively specialized area of Applied Behavior Analysis. It’s very difficult to find high-quality, open-source, accurate material. That is, there are a TON of videos on YouTube about basic concepts of behaviorism (e.g., reinforcement, punishment), but more

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Thoughts on the Creating an Interactive Syllabus Workshop

The Creating an Interactive Syllabus Workshop, offered by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC), is an outstanding idea with awesome resources (see end of this post), lots of potential, but ineffective implementation. I wasn’t sure about taking this workshop due to

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How can I make my Big Idea = an Epic Win?

Jane McGonigal‘s TED Talk, “Gaming Can Make a Better World,” has been in the back of my mind for a long time. Reading/thinking about my Big Idea, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming desire to create a learning environment that lends

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Universial Design Self-Paced Online Course

Just joined a free, online self-paced course in “Universal Design and Accessibility” if anyone wants to join me.

Eight Roles of an Effective Online Teacher | Faculty Focus

See on – Technology Stuff Teaching face-to-face and teaching online are both teaching, but they are qualitatively different.   Teaching face-to-face and teaching online are both teaching, but they are qualitatively different. In comparison, driving a car and riding

More on Gamification

Excellent TED Talk by Jane McGonigal on gamification.

Student presentations

I am so impressed with the quality of presentations made with Prezi.  I will definitely will be encouraging my students to step away from the boring PowerPoint and move to a more active presentation tool like Prezi or SlideRocket.  I

Post on Student Publication – Ippolito

Tremendous variety of work focused on topics such as branding, original art, clothing design, etc.  I can see how students might be more motivated to create projects such as these for public display as opposed to creating them for private

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Lego Activity

The Master Lego Builders: Liz and Heather used Option A.   Lego’s ROCK!!

4-wheeler done! –

Sarah and Polly (mostly Polly!)

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