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Hi Everybody, We had a short discussion on student email–more precisely receiving awkward student email. I use this website at the beginning of the semester for Engl A111 students. I’ve even had email assignments built from this website. It’s nice

Tech fellows in iTeach learning action

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I’ve never been good at titles

So my name is David Bowie (yes, really—my parents swear they had no idea who he was when I was born), and I am one of the linguists in the English Department here at UAA. My research focus is quantitative

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Hello Fellow Fellows!!

I am Heather Allen and I teach Mathematics at the Mat-Su campus.  I love Alaska and have been in the valley for a year now.  Prior to Mat-Su, I was working for UAF in Dillingham which gave me some real

Welcome to iTeach from UAF Collaborators!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I’m looking forward to meeting and working with everyone tomorrow!


Hi Everyone! It’s great to meet you all!  If you were having problems with the ‘add media’ feature earlier, it should be working now.  Woot! See you soon!


Looking forward to meeting this years cohort of Technology Fellows! Lot’s of cool tech to cover next week and I’m getting excited to help facilitate.

Eric Baldwin, Media Tech @FTC

Hi, Sarah et al!  I’m really looking forward to this year’s Tech Fellows.    I was unavailable for most of last year’s sessions, but hope to take them all in this year.  And, I’ve been asked to co-host a couple

Welcome Tech Fellows!

We are so happy to have you! Use the “add post” Link on the right of the page to add a blog post here! Please post an introduction here with an image if you can! Tell us a little about

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