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Using VT to Increase Engagement and Community

Voicethread (VT) is a great tool to build community in F2F, online, and blended courses. Here are a few tips for incorporating VT into your courses: Use VT, instead of the Discussion Board, to do course introductions. If you ask

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FUN RUN!!!!!!!!

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Digital media, copyright-free sources and more

Thanks for joining the copyright conversation yesterday.  I think these sessions help demystify the issue and I hope people will feel prepared to move forward with incorporating resources in an appropriate manner.  I welcome additional input and am available when/if

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Thoughts on the “New to Online Learning” Sloan Workshop

I just completed the New to Online workshop through the Sloan Consortium as part of my wider goal of completing the program’s online teaching certification. Being that I have not actually taught a course myself online, I figured that this


In my review of summer events I have signed up for I remembered this one: June 8, 2014 @ Kincaid  Triple Threat Obstacle: Three 24 foot wide, 15 foot tall structures to climb. PS they are at 70 degree angles…

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How can I make my Big Idea = an Epic Win?

Jane McGonigal‘s TED Talk, “Gaming Can Make a Better World,” has been in the back of my mind for a long time. Reading/thinking about my Big Idea, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming desire to create a learning environment that lends

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Beware: HiTech/LoFi

The reach of our communication tools these days is absolutely amazing.  To think that a century ago we fought a World War with commands issued via carrier pigeons and telegraphs and now we’re impatient for a web page to load

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Capture-Journalism? (A 4am Musing …)

I have kind of a crazy idea.  I don’t know if it’s of interest or whether it’s unique as I haven’t researched (“Googled”) it at all, but here’s my thought progression: An instructor of hard science is leading a class

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Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

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