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Announcements from the facilitator.

Digital media, copyright-free sources and more

Thanks for joining the copyright conversation yesterday.  I think these sessions help demystify the issue and I hope people will feel prepared to move forward with incorporating resources in an appropriate manner.  I welcome additional input and am available when/if

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SLOAN-C Adds Additional Summer Cohort in July

SLOAN-C added an additional Summer Online Teaching Certificate cohort session.  This cohort will start July 15th.

Shuttle to Development Day

Hello All, I talked to the front desk at Springhill Suites who said shuttle leaves at the top of each hour.  I asked them to reserve the 8am for potential persons, so if anyone wants to take off then, we

Post to #iteachak on twitter

iTeach is a model of training used throughout the UA system founded by UAF eLearning (on their 10th year!) and disseminated throughout the state over the last several years. We post to #iteachak during each iteach, regardless of location. There

Resources for New Tech Fellows

Hi all, I thought I’d post and let you know about a few resources you can check out if you want to get a head start, There is plenty to read on the Resources page, most notable would be the


So my bio is done! Do I get a cookie for being quite possibly the last one to complete that assignment?

Announcing the 2014 Technology Fellows!

Give them a warm welcome! Bree Kessler, UAA Health Sciences/CCEL Michelle Waclawski, Communications, Kachemak Bay Campus Brie Jontry, English, PWSCC Thomas McRoberts, UAA School of Social Work Elizabeth Ballou, Social Science, PWSCC Ian Grant, Alaska Small Business Development Center Don

Vote for Serious Fun! (and then present / attend!)

Hi Tech Fellows! As many of you know, there is a cross-MAU team working on putting together a one-day conference to promote the use of games and gamification for teaching and learning. It’s called Serious Fun and proposals are due

Tech Fellows upcoming meeting

Hi all! I hope your semester if off to a great start! We have a meeting scheduled for this Friday at Noon, and there will be food this time! I would like to cut down update time to 1/2  hour

Meeting Friday, Dec 13

It is hard to believe that we are almost half way through our first year as UAA Technology Fellows. Let us use this time to reflect on what we have learned thus far. We can do this out loud and

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