Capture-Journalism? (A 4am Musing …)

I have kind of a crazy idea.  I don’t know if it’s of interest or whether it’s unique as I haven’t researched (“Googled”) it at all, but here’s my thought progression: An instructor of hard science is leading a class which entails lecture, labs and field trips.  Much of what they’re doing they would like to video …lectures, chapter/topic introductions, lab assignments and safety instructions, site tours and interviews with community experts, etc.  Very little of the recording task lends itself to the typical “surveillance” cam hard-mounted to the back of a classroom.  The undertaking begs for a human operator with some talent for handheld field captures but, unless you’ve got a young scientist or two in this class with photojournalism skills, this could be a train wreck …or simply a missed opportunity.

What if an instructor or department could attract a candidate with sufficient requisite skills and interest to document the course effectively?  Perhaps, allow them to audit for free or offer some other quid pro quo?  There are so many recording options and aspiring filmmakers, it seems there may be some creative “win-win” solutions available to enhance the learning experience.

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