Beware: HiTech/LoFi

The reach of our communication tools these days is absolutely amazing.  To think that a century ago we fought a World War with commands issued via carrier pigeons and telegraphs and now we’re impatient for a web page to load or an email to complete it’s journey.  But don’t be overly seduced by the breadth of our reach at the expense of the depth of the content.  Address as vast, varied and distant an audience as you choose and embrace the magic performed by the modern math …but occasionally remind yourself and others that there’s no substitute for the real experience.

There are many wonderful tools and tricks available to assist online instruction.  If possible, please include an exercise exposing students to an unfiltered sensory environment.  As a musician, I’m intrigued at the potential audience I can reach by posting audio files on the ‘net.  I’m also dismayed by the declining numbers of audiophiles I encounter and the growing acceptance of filtered, encoded and degraded audio signals.  Did you know that an MP3 frequently includes less than 85% of the originally recorded music?

If I were teaching audio engineering I would certainly be engaged in utilizing the advantages of digital audio software.  But I would also insist that the students frequently re-expose themselves to live music.

Marvin & Tammi said it best:

Modern Recording


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