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Gamification & Commons

Here is a link to my gamification page in the Academic Commons:

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Will the FCC kill net neutrality ?

and how might it affect some of the tools that we’ve come to depend upon? Personally, I believe that community networks are the way to go: Is this possible in Alaska?

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Anyone photographing subjects against a white backdrop may violate Amazon patent

An interesting follow up to our copyright discussion today. I consider this to be “patent trolling” What do you think?!NEDgL

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More on Gamification

Excellent TED Talk by Jane McGonigal on gamification.

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Video Embed Example

This is an example of an embedded video. This was produced for a graduate course in film making techniques for education. The assignment was to choose a poem and use moving images to illustrate said poem. Thus, The Dog I

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Big Goofy Cat

A few have inquired about my big goofy cat. So here’s Caesar.

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We Rule!

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Big Idea

“Some of the best things in life are free.” Speaks to the idea that one need not spend lots of money for access to great tools online.

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Looking forward to meeting this years cohort of Technology Fellows! Lot’s of cool tech to cover next week and I’m getting excited to help facilitate.

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