Author: Veronica Howard

… but copyright is so hard!

As I’ve mentioned before, I teach in the relatively specialized area of Applied Behavior Analysis. It’s very difficult to find high-quality, open-source, accurate material. That is, there are a TON of videos on YouTube about basic concepts of behaviorism (e.g., reinforcement, punishment), but more

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Accessible Syllabus

My course syllabus has ZERO accessibly errors, and it only took 12 drafts! #tenacious #iTeachAK #UAATechFellows #CanHasBadges To view the revised syllabus, click HERE.

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Recording the screen of your iPhone or iPad

If you’re anything like me, some of the students in your online courses will be accessing their course material using an iPhone or iPad. It’s been notoriously difficult for me to provide how-to’s and support to these students because I couldn’t

Work & Rec Balance

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