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Lara Rocks!

Hi all, I have had several good instructional design sessions with Lara, but today rocked.  If anybody needs to know how to embed videos in Blackboard, rather than using YouTube, I can help!  Lara figured out some tricky things and

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This Skeleton has ALOT of Bones

Hello all, I did a ton of work over the summer on what I am calling my Blended Learning Community (BLC), but I haven’t done any blogging about it.  Time to practice what I will preach and connect with this

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CWA Website


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Tech Fellow!

    I really enjoyed hearing from all the tech fellows.  I especially like hearing about all the online tools.  Can’t wait to try Voki!      

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This is my favorite Ted Talk.  It is definitely worth a watch and nice to see how Social Workers really think.  There are so many misconceptions about this profession. Brene Brown      

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Mooc vs Mook

According to google, turns out I was right about MOOCs this morning.  hear is a link: A Mook, on the other hand, is “a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person.”

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Walk in the Sun

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