Author: Rhonda M Johnson

Brief Fall Update from Rhonda!

Hi All;  I hope your Fall semester has been off to a great start and that midterms are behind you!  I was just checking in to see if I could access some of these great communication/community-building tools we have as

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Parallel Play!

This is just one example of Tech Fellows demonstrating ‘parallel play’ aspects of teamwork: an opportunity to apply individually some tools/techniques/approaches that we have all been learning together.   Not sure why the pic is posting sideways; if anyone knows

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A Story Snippet about Me

Last year I had a surprise entry in my life story….I woke up ‘winded’ one day after a particularly stressful day and sleepless night before. By the end of the day, I was in the ICU awaiting emergency cardiac surgery,

How to access and organize Google Drive

I found this helpful document about accessing and organizing one’s Google Drive today.   Rhonda

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Day 1 Selfie

Here’s a quick check in post-lunch in our  first day intensive……:)

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