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Reflecting on Fellowship through Technology

It has been a fantastic two years. The resources of the Technology Innovations and E-learning Center, and their dedicated staff, made this possible. I have been introduced to the friendly side of technology and all it can do for the

Blackboard Grade Center

I am preparing to use the Blackboard grade center for the first time. Can anyone share any hard learned lessons on what can go wrong and how to avoid the common, …or the unexpected ,problems that can occur with use

I enjoyed catching up with everyone at the meeting today. Heather and I have encountered embedding problems. Does one have a means of ‘idiot proofing’ the embedding process? thanks, Polly



The presentation options allow for surprising creativity in the online environment. They provide a way for students to interact, create, and support one another. I especially appreciated the collaborative effort that resulted in the Native Storytelling Wiki site.

Thoughts on Day 1

Fantastic Day! Thank you FTC Staff and Tech fellows. It is great to be among so many people with innovative ideas on teaching modalities. I especially appreciated the insights of Dr. Ortega on teaching science methods through distance delivery and

Assistant Professor Natural Sciences

The Big Idea in Instructional Design: People brazen enough to work in the trenches of the classroom are inherently creative. To determine the central theme or big idea for a course, I find it helpful to consider one of those

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