Author: Michelle Waclawski

Alternative Assessment Strategies for Online Courses

I will have to say that through the Online Learning Consortium (SLOAN-C) Advanced Online Teaching Certificate course I have gotten some great resources. I came across this one today, Alternative Assessment Strategies for Online Courses. There are so many tools

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Classroom Tour, Self-Introduction and Chapter Introduction

So far this semester I have added 3 new elements to increase my presence in the course, and I have already gotten very positive feedback from my students about them. First, I did a classroom tour. Here is the 9-minute

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Course Accessibility Checklist

In my Advanced Online Certification course we meet live on Blackboard Collaborate three times. The other week when we met, one of the students shared a great resource about accessibility, which was one of our topics of that session. Here

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Questions, Questions, Questions!

I met with my Instructional Designer mentor Heather Nash a few days ago and we had a very productive hour zipping through my list of questions that inevitably develops as I work on my courses. My top question was about

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Effective Feedback–OLC Workshop

Today is catch-up day: posting about all I’ve been learning since the beginning of July in my Online Learning Consortium course and workshops! I just finished the Effective Feedback workshop today. In case you think I’m crazy to be taking

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Workload Management OLC Workshop

The first week-long workshop I took with the Online Learning Consortium was Workload Management. Frankly, I think this is a topic that is not addressed enough and I think it should be required for everyone who teaches online. This course

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Reflections on Advanced Online Certification Course

I enrolled in the Advanced Online Certification Course with the Online Learning Consortium and have been pleasantly surprised at how little work it is (compared to what I expected)–it has been maybe 3 hours a week, some weeks less and

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First Week Reflection by Michelle

How to Start a VoiceThread in Blackboard

This is my rough advice column here. I just learned about VoiceThread today, but we’re told the best way to learn something is to teach it, and this is definitely something I want to learn so here I am teaching

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Schmoozing with Year Two Tech Fellow Penny

I was hoping to see Penny at Development Day as we have taken plenty of tech classes together over the years in Kenai, sitting next to each other and helping each other figure things out. I wanted to see how

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