Author: Lorelei Sterling

Creating origami in groups online

Team Lego How to make origami in groups in the classroom is hard enough, but how do we turn it into an online group activity? Change the instructions! Make someone write instructions, have the next person try to follow them, video

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A bit about my story

I find myself inspired by the professors and what projects they are working on and the successes and struggles they are facing. As a librarian, I am not a traditional teacher, but in my role at the library, I supervise

Development day selfie with former fellow

  Having a great day! Met Bogdam and took a selfie.

How to find OER images using Google Images

Using Google images to find pictures is easy, finding images that are available to use without restrictions can be more challenging. One easy way is to use the Search Tools within Google images. One of the tools is Usage Rights:

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Selfie at Tech Fellows 1st Day

Selfie Lunch Break

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