Author: Heather Allen

Assistance Please: Wayne, Eric, Sarah, Laura, or David

I got home and could not find my power cord.  🙁  Would you please check my hole in the back and see if it had fallen out of my bag or something and I just spaced it off?  Thanks!!

Student presentations

I am so impressed with the quality of presentations made with Prezi.  I will definitely will be encouraging my students to step away from the boring PowerPoint and move to a more active presentation tool like Prezi or SlideRocket.  I

Lego Activity

The Master Lego Builders: Liz and Heather used Option A.   Lego’s ROCK!!

Reflections of Day 2

I know we were not officially asked to blog tonight, but I wanted to.  I found today challenging with the bombardment of tools.  I know we were warned…but still.  I do believe that I came away with some really, really

Reflections of Day 1

For me today’s uncertainties were met with glorious hope! I secretly relish being forced out of my comfort zone and that definitely occurred for me today.  The Big Idea is so powerful! I am so happy to have it framed

My BIG Idea

Mathematics provide the requisite skills of problem solving.

Hello Fellow Fellows!!

I am Heather Allen and I teach Mathematics at the Mat-Su campus.  I love Alaska and have been in the valley for a year now.  Prior to Mat-Su, I was working for UAF in Dillingham which gave me some real

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