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Jing from Felicia

So, I have this little art festival coming up on June 1st, the Machetanz Arts Festival?  

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Adding my movie

This is the movie Sarah and I created this afternoon. Notice how she keeps me humble with her moose antler pantomime behind my head.     Capture 1 (5-14-2013 2-20 PM)

Reflections – from Felicia

I really enjoyed our session today. (I loved the fun, the sharing, caring, and camaraderie.) But mostly, I enjoyed our easy- going commitment to the process of learning.  The backwards glance has always been important to me. And now, I

Course Big Ideas for Western Art History -What do you think about these?

What is your big idea?  My goal is to touch the hearts, delight the souls, and transform experience for all my students! There is a narrative that connects all ages in art history. What connects art history to you? How

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