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Survey on Online Group Work

I just want to share the results of a survey I did last summer of members in my social network (96 respondents) on group work in online courses. The results may be helpful for you in seeing what students are

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Ted Talk: Storytelling

A great talk about storytelling. “The children’s television host Mr. Rogers always carried in his wallet a quote from a social worker that said, ‘Frankly, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.’ And the

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Learning Assessment Cycle for a major assignment

I did this LAC worksheet for a major assignment that I’d like to incorporate into the LS 101 course, a sort of annotated bibliography. I envision it being the capstone assignment of the course that demonstrates virtually everything they learn

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What a beautiful day!

With a(nother) day like this, I’m wishing we could move our classroom outside!

Connecting with Tech Fellows Veterans

In the Tech Fellows session at today’s Development Day, I met Polly Bass. She is in the last cohort of TF and teaches in the natural sciences at Mat-Su College. I learned that she is involved in the Information Literacy

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Google this! Connecting an iPad mini to a tv

Yesterday evening I wanted to connect my iPad mini to my TV so I could watch a yoga video within an app on the big screen. I thought there was a way to do that using my Apple TV box

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Team Lego!

Michelle and D’Arcy deep in Lego mode.

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Tip: Adding Your Picture to Collaborate

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